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Drag Queen Makeup Tip: Applying Foundation

One of the most basics of having good drag makeup is a smooth blended foundation. To accomplish this it’s a good idea to have multiple colors of foundation to get your drag makeup to work.

Assuming you’ve shaven as close as you can and that your skin is clean and moisturized.

The first step is to apply a lighter colored foundation to your cheeks slightly higher then your actual cheek bone. Puckering your lips together will define where to apply your foundation above the cheekbone. Next apply the same light colored foundation on your chin and then again above your forehead.

Tip: Doing this will create a rounder oval shape on your face. Don’t forget to apply this foundation down the center of your nose creating a landing strip.

Next take a darker foundation and apply it to the areas not covered with the lighter shade, for now don’t worry about blending just yet. Make sure you really get the foundation into your skin.

To set your drag makeup foundation, take cosmetic powder and pounce all over your face, really apply the powder well. Take a blush brush to get the excess off.

Tip: If you prefer not to wear powder you will be in big trouble later on. The powder sets the foundation and will keep your drag makeup from moving or worse sweating off.

Products to consider: Ben Nye foundation, Ben Nye loose powder, and Ben Nye white clown foundation.

Mac 190 foundation brush is also nice but a regular makeup sponge will do.

Drag Makeup Tips: Contour