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Drag Queen Tucking Tips and Tricks

Drag Queen Tucking "Duct Tape" is a drag queens best friend.

Drag queen tucking is a method drag queens use to hide their male genitalia. Duct tape is said to be one the best methods to hide the male “situation”. There are also methods of hiding the bulge that doesn’t require you to use duct tape, we will address those a little later in this article.

Drag queen tucking 101:

In a males body there are two sockets wear the testicles can fit in, to tuck properly a drag queen must get the jewels into the sockets, so that you can tape everything else down. If your going to be using this method of tucking, it is recommended that you shave your pubic hair in order for easy removal of the tape! No one wants a painful tape removal unless that’s what your into :)

1. In a squatting position, take each of the “T’s” and pop them into your abdomen, if this doesn’t happen, skip to the gaff method. Be careful not to hurt yourself with this.

2. Take a piece of toilet paper and wrap your shaft with it. This is an extra step that can be skipped.

3. Take a piece of duct tape (or) surgical tape and tape the penis back towards your anus.

4. Get a nice tight pair of undies on and Viola! No more penis.

This method is great in case of a bathroom emergency, and will help to avoid pop outs.

Below is a great drag queen tucking video:



Drag Queen Tucking Method #2.

Make your own Gaff.

Making your own gaff is pretty easy, and only requires a sock, a pair of nylons, and a pair of scissors.

1. Cut the heel of a sock so your left with just the “tube”.

2. Cut the elastic band from the nylons so that you have a rubber band.

3. Insert the nylon part into the tube part. If you did it correctly you will have made a thong like device.

4. Slip one leg into each hole, and pull em up.

This method might be slightly uncomfortable because if it’s too tight, the nylon will dig in.

This drag queen tucking video explains the gaff method.

As you can see drag queen tucking doesn’t have to be complicated or painful. Just use either of the method’s above or experiment with what feels comfortable to you.