Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters



"Palettechen" is from my series, "The Artist's Palette."It is named with a smile from my years of living in Germany where "chen" is added to everything to signifiy smallness. It almost always signifies cuteness as well.This is a small but functional 7” diameter, 2"deep ,dish made with the same unique glass and processes as the larger round and square bowls from the same series. The price is also "chen", hoping that those of you who like my work but have college educations and mortgages that come first may still enjoy a piece of my "reflections" in your homes. I also reduce the shipping cost for the "chen" items in my gallery to help make them accessible.The piece can be used for candies or nuts. It also can serve as a soap dish or nightstand keeper of jewelry at the end of a long day!Each piece from my gallery comes in a gift box with a gift card introducing the artist (me!) and the hot glass techniques.

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