Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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These beautiful Sterling Silver Cuff links are 5/8" and a heavy 20 gauge thickness\r\rThey can be Custom Stamped just for you!\r\rThe Cuff link backs are also sterling silver and they are Soldered (not glued) to form the piece\rI custom make them myself and hand polish them \r------------------------------------------------\rDIRECTIONS, for your location\rGo to and zoom in on your desired location(s). When you find it, right click, then click "What's Here?"\rA string of digital coordinates will pop up that look like this, 41.879551, -87.623987. Click on this, and the more familiar and traditional looking\r41\u00b0 52' 46.38"N 87\u00b0 37" 26.35"W latitude longitude format will appear. There is no extra charge for creating two different cufflinks.\rPlease note: This item is handmade using vintage metal stamps, so characters are slightly offset which is part of the appeal of the piece.\r------------------------------------------------\r\rI include a classy gift box with each purchase! (may vary from picture)\r\rAfter oxidizing each letter (darkening), Each pair is then polished to perfection\rIncluded is a FREE polishing cloth to use on the links, storing them in the sealed bags they come in is a great option to lessen tarnish\rSeeing as this is a hand made piece of fine jewelry, there may be some signs of of the craftsmanship on the back of each piece, these are made with pride in the USA \r------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\r*** I can even engrave the back toggle with a date or message-for an additional charge\r\rplease limit this engraving to 8 characters per section, their are 4 sections as you can see the ridge in the picture of the back of the link\r***The upgrade is available in my shop*** $10 for one or both\r\rhttps://www./listing/96174311/cufflinks-upgrade-engraving-on-back-side?ref=shop_home_feat_1\r----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r*** I can also make a matching tie tac\r\rhttps://www./listing/204029781/sterling-silver-hand-stamped-tie-tac?ref=shop_home_active_2\r--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\r\rHand stamping is a process where each letter is individually stamped into the metal, one at a time. As such, each letter may not line up perfectly and some letters may be deeper than the others. This is not to be considered a defect but adds to the charm of each piece and gives each piece a uniqueness. This process is much deeper than most engraving, but not as 'perfect' and lends to the charm\r\rI use dots. as opposed to - dashes\rCompletion is approx 1 week for your customized finished piece\rWe use Priority mail & Delivery Confirmation\rI can offer discounts on 5+ orders\rI can also hand or machine engrave these with any of the fonts shown on my shop\rLogo are not a problem, nor are signatures!\rPlease convo me and let me know what you are thinking!\r\rPLEASE\r send me your phone number***if I have any questions****it would be great to be able to talk about your order!!\r\r**Please forgive my photography-I am a craftsman....not a very good photographer....\rI also use Priority Mail via USPS with delivery confirmation for orders in the USA\r----------------------------------------------------------\rWhen shipping outside the USA, please allow time for your purchase to arrive and get thru customs, unfortunately I have no idea how long it will take to get thru customs, you may be able to research this via the web for answers. My local post office is unable to offer me the answer.\rThey are shipped via first class, mens jewelry

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