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This rustic necklace features a primitive carving of the rune Othala on a tan / beige stone--it glows a little like crystallized honey in the light. The pendant has an irregular shape but is largely oval, the natural shape of the stone. \r\rRunes are an ancient form of writing--dating back about two thousand years--that seems to have started in early Germanic tribes and that the Vikings broadcasted as they traveled, leaving in their wake messages both practical and poetic on everything from monuments to personal property. This Othala rune comes from the "Elder Futhark", the oldest runic alphabet known.\r\r\rIrregular beige stone, 1.75 inches long by 1.25 inches wide (4.45 cm tall by 3.175 cm wide)\rHand-carved Runic Symbol lightly accented with a silver color\rSilver-tone lead-free solder edges\r28 inch soft-brown suede cord with a knotted end (71 cm)\r\r\rFrom a polished stone to a necklace: \rThis polished stone was hand-carved with the Othala rune in our in NY, USA workshop, then handmade into a pendant & hand assembled into a necklace by Dan Murphy .\r\r\r\rComes packaged in the black gift box in the last image, though the bat necklace is sold separately: http://www./shop/GoTo?section_id=5004097\r\r~ ~ ~\rNew York & Connecticut Shipments:\rPlease note that orders shipped to addresses in New York and Connecticut will require sales tax payment. \r\rNY packages: Please select "other" as the payment method during checkout and either wait for us to send a bill that includes the state sales tax or add tax based instructions in the email you receive after checkout.\r\rCT packages: Sales tax will be added automatically during checkout.\rThanks!\r~ ~ ~ ~ ~\r\rSHIPPING:\rCombinable with our other jewelry and stained glass listings here and from our other Etsy shop GoToSupplies. for a reduced shipping rate so long as they are paid for in the same transaction.\r\rShipping discount: In addition the discounts for buying multiple items, we also offer to ship everything you purchase from our shops (when combinable) in an 11" X 8.5" X 5.5" box for a flat rate--please see our shop policies ( http://www./shop_policy.php?user_id=6650 ) for details.\r\r\r\rOthala is also known as Utal, Odal, Otael, Ethel..., norse rune

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