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Made to Order.\r\rHere it is...and affordable. Genuine Sri Lankan White Sapphire set in sterling silver.\r\r\rThis is an antique look setting that I have in white gold or in yellow gold in my made to order section of my shop and now offering it in an affordable sterling silver.\r\rMy thoughts is with the gold prices as they are why not offer these beautifully clear sapphires in sterling to make them MORE affordable. \r\rOnce gold prices go down, you can return to have set it in gold. \rThese Genuine Sapphires are normal heat only and the color is D and clarity is VVS/IF\rSO, why buy diamonds when you get a real sapphire with the hardness being very close to diamonds. Diamonds are a 10 on the hardness scale and Sapphire being a 9.\r\rMain Sapphire is 7 or 8mm. The 7mm is 1.25-1.50ct and the 8mm is 2.25-2.35ct.\rThere are 10 total White sapphire accents in the engagement and there are 15-1.5mm White Sapphires in the band.\r\r\rLayaway available., wedding band

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