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9mm earrings, Bullet Earrings Surgical steel 9mm w crystal Bullet Shell Surgical Steel Post Earrings



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Bullet Earrings 9mm w crystal Bullet Shell Surgical Steel Post Earrings\r\rHere is a really cool set of Bullet Earrings Bullet Shell Earrings Bullet casing earrings that will set you apart. \rMade from genuine brass 9mm bullet casings, the casings were first carefully emptied via my 9mm bullet removal tool (gun), collected, cut down, filed and polished,for use as earrings. \r\r These shells are made of Brass with a nickel plated firing pin in the center, I then mounted them on Surgical Steel posts to complete them. makes for fairly light weight earrings and the look is spectacular. \r\rThis set of earrings is tough but still a little elegant. You will get attention when you wear this set, so YOU WERE WARNED! \r\rThese are custom made so please allow some time for me to craft before shipment.\rHeadstamp may vary, if you want something specific please convo and I will do my best to accomidate you.\rThanks!\r\r\r\rA few kind words from some of my past customers who have purchased one (or more) of my (Artifacts N Relics) Bullet Shell Creations.\r\rJPalmerDesigns says: \rAn absolutely wonderful online shopping experience! \r\rriverlapse says: \rfantastic. bought these as a unique gift for my brother and he loved them! exactly as described. thanks!\r\rpalomacampo says: \r100++ Quick conversational responses and shipping! Looking exhaustively for an extremely unique gift for my Boyfriend I was to the verge of giving up and just giving him a tie for christmas. Miraculously I stumble upon these magnificent cufflinks! My boyfriend is not only an avid fan of antiques and war history, but he also possess an extremely high standard of elegancy. This item is not solely a conversational piece but also a fashion statement. Once I got them, I bragged about them to all my creative work team at the office that followed by a huge WOW, they proceeded to admire it's incredibly well crafted and detailed construction. This precious item arrived promptly, nicely wrapped and on top of that, is impeccably beautiful! Many Tnx! I know my boyfriend is going to love it as much as I do! \r\rclimbergirl says: \rEXCELLENT set! Wore these babies to Sturgis, and they were a huge hit! Fantastic idea! Seller was prompt, professional...excellent communication, very helpful! All in all, I'd have to give this site a big thumbs up!!\r\rDancingPen says: \rGot here in record time and my husband LOVES them. Thank you!\r\rkinxnquirx says: \rThese are stunning! I fell in love with them as soon as I opened the package!\r\rOakley999 says: \rThese cufflinks exceeded my expectations. They are well made and worth the money. The weight of them is great and the seller shipped them very quickly.\r\rhighhi1 says: \rThese came out so great, thank you so much for doing the all silver post for me!! You rock!\r\rsheckmiester says: \rThese look awesome! Can't wait for my hubby-to-be to wear them on our wedding day!\r\rbetsyforgetsy says: \rWhat an awesome idea! Everyone who has seen these loves them. Thanks.\r\rsimpleoctopus says:\rSuch Awesome Earrings. Thank you so much they arrived so fast and I can't wait to rock them!Please note this is a CUSTOM Made item: not subject to any outside return laws or policies, artifacts n relics retains the exclusive right to determine returns and refunds on a case by case basis., 9mm jewelry

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