Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Purchase this listing to get your order moved to the top of the list and I will ship it within 2 business days. (I work on orders in the evenings.) Buyer MUST choose the appropriate USPS shipping method when you check out! USPS First Class - 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS in transit. USPS Priority - 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS in transit. USPS Express - 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS in transit. BUYER ASSUMES ALL RISK that the USPS could deliver late or lose the package. Purchasing this listing releases Shawna Lane Creations of all responsibility, for the package once it is left with the USPS. Buyer understands that Shawna Lane Creations is not responsible for refunding anything if the USPS does not do their part., mothers day

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