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car mascot, Hand knit Dude Mascot lucky charm bag charm various colours



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Dude Mascot \r\rA quirky little man who acts as a lucky charm mascot and helps you support your Country, County or Club.\r\rKeep him close by in your pocket, on your keys or bag, or display him proudly in your car. In fact, put him anywhere you think he will bring you luck.\r\rAvailable colours in stock: \rGreen and Yellow - 3 \rGreen, white and gold - 1 \rRed - 1 \rRed and White - 1 \rRoyal blue and white - 2 \rLight blue and white - 1\r\rSize/Dimensions/Weight\r5" high\r\rMaterials utilised\rYarn: 100% acrylic \rsmall amount of toy filling\r\rProduction method\rknit, bag charm

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