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handmade collage, Retro Pop Art Comic Collage Square Pendant Handmade Wearable Art



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A lovers quarrel is depicted, in classic retro pop art fashion, on this square collage pendant. I used tiny comic magazine clippings to create this unique collage and turn it into a piece of handmade wearable art. The base of the pendant is polymer clay. The comic book images are layered between coatings of liquid translucent clay. Once baked, I cured clear resin over the whole top, layering it on until it reached the edges of the black polymer clay frame. Some of the ink in the collage clippings "bloomed" while baking, which is why you see some dark cloudy spots. This 1 and 2/3 inch by 1 and 2/3 inch handmade square pendant is ready to be made into a unique necklace or hung on a simple chain. I used a powerful adhesive called E6000 to secure the bail to the back. Two jump rings are already attached for your convenience.If you'd like me to put this pendant on a custom length cord for you, with or without beads, just send me a message and I'll create a custom listing., charms pendants

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