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The Four Corners Medallion was inspired by a combination of medieval jewelry medallions and contemporary statement necklaces, combining the best of both worlds! This project will have you combining peyote stitch and netting to capture a 30mm Swarovski round chessboard stone with a striking bezel and embellishments. Stitch a simple, yet elegant tubular netting neck strap and create a custom beaded button for the perfect closure.\r\rTechniques: Netting, peyote stitch, tubular netting\r\rDifficulty: Intermediate\r\rMaterials Needed:\r30mm Swarovski round chessboard stone, Sahara\r6mm Swarovski crystal pearls, luminous green\rSuperduo beads\rSize 11o Japanese cylinder beads (Delicas)\rSize 11o and 15o Japanese seed beads\rSize 12 beading needle\rBeading thread or Fireline, necklace

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