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Brass and glass bead with a small cotton pompom. The raw material is carefully selected, here the brass pieces are made in the United States and the beads and pom poms come from Greece. MADE IN FRANCE for the rest and limited edition of course!!From the HEAT WAVE collectionHEAT WAVE ... the warm wave, the caress of a wave, the sun that stings the skin. A walk, jeans, his skin hauled ... nonchalance and freedom. A seaside ... it is a bit gypsy, Mexican or Andalusian, intense look and spice scent. Her flowery hair dances to the wind ... Spicy colors and golden highlights ... earrings flatter the sensuality of her face and her throat sublimates with a necklace ... almost talisman.HEAT WAVE is a passion ... mysterious and devouring ... this is the new Jewelry collection., unique

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