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A Dark Tower fan art pendant, for Constant Readers of the Stephen King series: My tribute to Blaine The Mono reads, "All aboard the crazy train." This collage art pendant references the psychotic train from Stephen King's 'The Wastelands.' The 1.25 x 1.25 inch square pendant is made from polymer clay and magazine clippings. Tiny little Charlie The Choo-Choo is cut from photo paper.The paper bits were layered into liquid polymer clay and baked, then Charlie was put in position before adding resin. Several layers of clear resin made a thick and glassy top to magnify the collage art within. The little question marks represent the riddles our beloved ka-tet used to fight for their lives, and of course I had to include a rose.I strung this crazy train pendant onto a double layer of brown leather cord, pardner.It measures 15 to 18 inches, adjustable, with a silver plated lobster claw clasp., the gunslinger

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