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Stunning Sterling Silver and Turquoise Insect Bug Pin Broochbrooch, Perfect Size!



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PLEASE READ RETURN POLICY AND FULL DESCRIPTION THAT INCLUDES SIZES AND CONDITION. Stunning Sterling Silver and Turquoise Insect Bug Pin Brooch: This high quality sterling silver and turquoise insect/bug is a perfect size for many clothes, hats, purses and more. This piece is not marked but I do believe it is either Mexican or Native American. The piece is made of sterling\u00a0silver although there is no mark, it tests as such. The center features a gorgeous natural turquoise blue stone. The swivel closure functions without issue.\u00a0 This brooch weighs 6.8 grams and measures 1" by 1 1/8" across.\u00a0\u00a0This little insect will brighten any day when you take her along!PLEASE NOTE: Vintage Jewelry: Please know that vintage jewelry often has some signs of use upon close examination, as well as some patina on sterling items. If there is damage that is obvious on casual examination, I will bring that to your attention in the description and in a photo.Thank you for visiting my shop and please come back soon since I'm listing wonderful jewelry weekly!To see all the lovely jewelry I have listed click here: https://www./shop/ElNove, brooch

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