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\u273f Pair of cat earringsThe thumbnail is made up of two separate parts that once combined create a nice effect, as you can see in the picture in detail.\u273f made with polymeric paste, entirely by hand. Pin in anallergic material.\u273f The object was created paying attention to the smallest details from which emerges the passion and love used inRealization\u273f the objects in this store are completely handmade, for this reason they can present someSmall differences from the highlighted photo, but they will not affect the final result.\u273f since they are small accessories, they are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.\u273f are created to order, so you will need 1/2 days of preparation\u2764 Dimensions:* Length: 4 cm (incl. tail)------------------------------------\u2661----------------------------------\u2022 Notes on shipment:* * The item will be packaged in a small box and shipped with an air bubble envelope to protect it during the transport phase * ** * The shipment will be by registered mail, with tracking code that allows the traceability of the object.* * The delivery times are as follows:Italy: 3-5 working daysEurope: 8-15 working daysRest of the world: 12-30 working days.Thanks for visiting \u2661------------------------------------\u2661----------------------------------Worldwide Purchase:Cute Cat Earrings \u2661The Cats Miniatures is composed by two parts, so you can create a cute effect as you can see in the second photo.Dimensions* Length: 4 cm\u2022 Polymer Clay/handmade by me\u2022 No Molds\u2022 Hypoallergenic Metal and material\u2022 ABOUT SHIPPING:* Shipping with tracking number* * The object will be packaged in a small box and shipped in The envelope for shipment with air bubbles.\u2665 If You like this item, please visit my shop for more.https://www./it/shop/PrettyCreationsStoreThanks for watching and happy shopping!, duplex

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