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baptism gift, Baby with Belgian Lace Coverlet 25x21"



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Baby with Belgian Lace Coverlet (16x20”, open framing, no glass)One of the many rewards of my work has been my friendship with Doris Dickinson, lace collector and expert. She created high-end nurseries and boudoirs featuring vintage laces and embroideries in the 60’s and 70’s for families who could appreciate and afford them. No longer in business, Doris had a large collection of materials, and offered to sell me some.From there, a friendship evolved. Soon she began to call me from time to time to ask me to visit so she could give me something that she thought I would like, such as this wonderful vintage Belgian lace pillow sham. I tried to make an angel from this glorious lacework piece, but couldn't find a way to without cutting it. Then I realized what I would prefer to do was to honor Doris’s work by making it into an art piece, using it as it was intended - on a baby’s bed., sleeping child

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