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Grateful Angelembroidery, 13x15"embroidery, open framingembroidery, no glass



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Grateful Angel, 13x15”, open framing, no glass, wide pewter colored frame This small angel bows her head in a prayer of gratitude, much as I did when my son returned from a summer internship in India and brought me this beautiful length of orange silk. He was my child who never spent a night away from home until he went away to college. But his senior year of high school and the opportunities that Rice University afforded him got him over that hurdle, and he’s been traveling ever since – Machu Picchu, Japan, Mexico, and even India. I’m grateful that he’s discovered his place in the world and grateful that he arrives safely back to us after each adventure. The angel has wings of a heavy, elegant cotton lace that I found in a thrift store; someone had used this beautiful trim on a pair of peach rayon pillowcases from the 1930’s. I could not get them home and removed fast enough! $150, gratitude

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