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Summer Dreams : Annienursery art, 1960 - 22x26"nursery art, open framingnursery art, no glass



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Summer Dreams - Annie, 1960 : 22x26”, open framing, blue mat, no glassWearing her actual pinafore from 1960, my "baby" sister Anne was the inspiration for this piece. Her chestnut curls are flying behind her, just as I remember them, since she was in perpetual motion, entertaining us all. However, a disclaimer: the shoes were not hers. I have copied here a delicately embroidered, soft, kid leather pair that had belonged to our cousin Miriam. I have them today, bronzed, in my workroom, atop my computer desk. Needless to say, Miriam was an only child. Anne and I, however, were part of a brood of six, and Mama never had time to bronze anything; besides, the next child would probably have been wearing it before the idea even occurred to her. $345, art

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