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natural topaz, 7.67CT Genuine Oval Cut Topaz Natural Gemstone



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7.67CT Genuine Oval Cut Topaz Natural Gemstone DescriptionColor: Medium light, slightly greenish blue stone. Cut: Oval Shape. Vitreous Luster. RI: 1.620 High, 1.612 LowBiref: .008DR: Biaxial PositivePleo: Weak, light blue, colorlessMagnification: Moderate Windowing (large table). Doubling of facet Junctions. Nicks at table and girdle show colorless material. Scratches, polish lines (obvious).Weight: 7.67CTDimensions: 14.17mm x 10.21mm x 7.19mmColor Filter: Light Bluish GreenAll of our stones were identified with a GIA Graduate Gemologist and are 100% As Listed If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to message us at any point!Thank You!, loose gemstone

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