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Ideas are Like Starssong lyric art, 20x24"song lyric art, open framingsong lyric art, no glass



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Ideas are Like Stars 20x24”, open frame, no glassSearching for a particular piece of lace the other day, I began to notice how many of them contained star-shaped motifs. Some old placemats had small networks of crocheted stars worked around the edges over heavy needlepoint grid. One star was the finely tatted crown of a baby's cap. There was even a stack of heavy crocheted stars intended to one day become a bedspread. They reminded me of an old Mary Chapin Carpenter song I loved: "Ideas are Like Stars." The women who created these pieces years ago had their own clear ideas as to how their projects would be designed and probably could never have imagined that snippets of their work would end up in something such as this art piece, but I hope they would approve. I’m just delighted that one of my favorite songs would help me celebrate them. $375, dream art

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