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Sunday Dinner Angel 32x20"fiber art, unframed



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Sunday Dinner Angel: 32x20”, unframed, mounted on acid free foam core, frame-ready The inspiration for this angel began with a gift from an old friend, Bill Mallard. A renowned professor at Candler School of Theology at Emory University, he was also the sweetest, most lighthearted man I’ve ever known, liable to burst into song – show tune, child’s ditty hymn, whatever – at any moment. The angel’s skirt is a corner of a tablecloth belonging to Bill’s grandmother, featuring Madeira applique and shadow embroidery in shades of blue. He was in his 80’s when he gave it to me in 2011, so I imagine it is at least a century old. Among my own grandmother’s linens, I found a damask napkin whose elegant scrollwork border design I highlighted with corresponding blue embroidery. Both linens, I’m sure, served on many a Sunday dinner table, and they remind me of the graciously slow pace of those days of the past. $425, angel

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