Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

copper, Dancing Malachite



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Necklace 27 1/2\u201d Earring 1 \u00be\u201d DropThe vibrant shades of green in the malachite globes and discs are highlighted with carved designs on oval copper beads creating an energetic feel to the necklace and earring set. The entire set is complimented by opaque mint crystals, clear glass and opaline glass beads. MALACHITE \u2013 Purification. Bands provide protection of your creative ideas. Success and good fortune in business matters. Malachite promotes harmony and improves communication within your physical being which helps to deal with stress. Malachite will also improve sleep.COPPER \u2013 Can be used to stabilize and balance the flow of energy through the body., crystals

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