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108 Beadedmala beads 108, Knottedmala beads 108, Green Adventurinemala beads 108, Natural Gemstonemala beads 108, Prayermala beads 108, Meditationmala beads 108, Stone of Prosperitymala beads 108, Mala



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This 108 beaded mala is hand knotted with beautiful green aventurine 6mm beads. Green aventurine is known as the "stone of opportunity." It helps you move forward with confidence into new situations and manifest prosperity. It brings you good luck! A mala is a tool to help center the mind and increase focus during meditation. Each bead is used to keep track and recite a chant or mantra. This mala including tassel measures 20 inches in length with a 34 inch circumference. This piece comes with a beautiful turquoise silk pouch for storage., buddhist mala beads

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