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jewellery, CROWN CENTRE SET: Golden Hematite Bracelet and Alkhemi®Anointing Oil to balance the Crown Centre (chakra).



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\ud80c\udc80 Golden Hematite Bracelet with Golden Hematite spacers and Alkhemi\u00aeAnointing Oil (with Sandalwood essential oil). Both will balance the Crown Centre (chakra).\ud80c\udc80 ALL ITEMS FROM ALKHEMI\u00aeBAZAAR ARE BESPOKE AND HAND-CRAFTED TO ORDER. \ud80c\udc80 Save \u00a33 by buying the bracelet and oil together! \ud80c\udc80 Individually empowered with ancient Egyptian sacred symbols/archetypes.\ud80c\udc80 Alkhemi\u00aeAnointing Oils are made with 99% organic or wildcrafted ingredients, which have been sourced from ethical companies. They are 100% cruelty-free.\ud80c\udc80 Alkhemi\u00aeAnointing Oils contain ONLY oils known to have been used in ancient Egypt.\ud80c\udc80 One 5ml bottle lasts approximately 3 months with daily use, but they can be used for up to 2 years. Alkhemi\u00aeAnointing Oils can be used safely every day for extended periods. They have been designed to work holistically with the wisdom of your body-field (body and energy field). They have an adaptogenic effect which means they will always work to bring balance and alignment. These oils are very powerful - a little goes a long way!\ud80c\udc80 Each bottle contains a very small amount of authentic Egyptian perfume oil (bought in Egypt) which carries the energy of thousands of years of traditional perfume-making in Egypt.\ud80c\udc80 The CROWN CENTRE (chakra), is aligned with the ancient Egyptian god, HORUS. \ud80c\udc80 In Alkhemi\u00aeTherapy, the CROWN CENTRE (chakra) is aligned with the ancient Egyptian god Horus. The essence of the Crown Centre is Ascension and its process is Self-Realisation. This is where we hold our relationship with the divine. Issues to be worked on to balance this centre are: finding sacred meaning in life; living in the present moment; surrendering to the divine; and feeling unity with all beings. The god Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris, the spiritual warrior on the Hero's Journey. He represents the overcoming of duality and the mastery of consciousness.\ud80c\udc80 The Golden Hematite beads and Crown Centre oils are first empowered in sacred shamanic ceremony with the energy of the ancient Egyptian god Horus. Once I have created your item of jewellery and blended your bottle of Anointing Oil, they are placed in a powerful Crystal Grid for 3 consecutive days where they are attuned to the "body-field" (body and energy field) of the recipient (you or the person you are buying it for). If this item is a gift, please message me with the name of the person who will use it.\ud80c\udc80 The bracelet is made of 10mm Golden Hematite beads which are placed symbolically in groups of three, and separated by Golden Hematite spacers. All bracelets are double strung on elastic cord and double-crimped for extra strength and hold. The crimps are covered by a decorated metal spacer bead. The bracelet measures approximately 19cm (7\u00bd inches).\ud80c\udc80 Each Crown Centre Set is sold with an Alkhemi\u00ae Symbol Card. When not wearing your SACRED STONES jewellery, placing it on the card will clear any unwanted energies and recharge it.\ud80c\udc80 PLEASE NOTE: The bracelet in the photo is a sample. Your order will be created and empowered especially for you. Semi-precious stones are formed from natural elements and created by powerful forces deep within the Earth. As such, the colour, shade, shape and markings of the beads may vary slightly from those in the photos. In April 2000, I made the first of my many incredible journeys to Egypt. Since then, researching Egyptian spiritual traditions and working intuitively and shamanically with the deities of ancient Egypt has been my passion and my life's work. I've visited Egypt more than 20 times and lived in Luxor for a year. As a result I discovered a remarkable truth: these ancient teachings are universal and can be used today in a profound and powerful way for self-empowerment and spiritual growth.From the signposts of my own healing journey a psycho-spiritual system evolved, a practical but deeply transformational process which draws on the sacred wisdom teachings of ancient Egypt to: access healing energy; re-member your connection to Source; and bring you into alignment with the forces of Nature and your Infinite Self. I called this system of natural healing and self-empowerment "Alkhemi\u00aeTherapy". It's a path of contemporary spirituality with it roots in the Mystery Traditions of ancient Egypt.In Alkhemi\u00aeTherapy, we work with 59 esoteric energy centres (chakras), sometimes in pairs, in and around the human body. A unique feature of Alkhemi\u00aeTherapy is the association of an ancient Egyptian sacred archetype (a deity or hieroglyphic symbol) with each of the 59 energy centres. It is possible to influence/balance these centres using Alkhemi\u00ae healing energy, sacred symbols, crystals/stones, anointing oils, yoga sequences (Alkhemi\u00aeYoga Fusion), or sound and rhythm such as drumming or rattling. All these are elements of the Alkhemi\u00aeTherapy system. An online version of the Alkhemi\u00aeTherapy First Gate (Foundation Level) course will be available soon.HOW TO USE ALKHEMI\u00aeANOINTING OILS:\ud80c\udc80 Alkhemi\u00aeAnointing Oils are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Avoid contact with eyes. Tip the bottle 3 times before use.\ud80c\udc80 As with all products applied to the skin, it is advisable to first apply the oil to a small area on your arm to test for intolerance or allergic reaction.\ud80c\udc80 Alkhemi\u00aeAnointing Oils can be applied directly to the skin, added to your bath, or placed on a cotton pad which is then laid on the body. Alternatively, a small amount of oil can be applied to a cotton pad or paper tissue and placed in a small bowl close to where you are working, sitting, meditating or sleeping. Only a few drops are required, but remember that the effect is primarily energetic - they are not intended to perfume a bath or room.\ud80c\udc80 Inhale the fragrance by taking 3 breaths from the bottle. \ud80c\udc80 The simplest way to use Alkhemi\u00aeAnointing Oils is to apply a small amount to the Heart centre (in the middle of your chest).TAKING CARE OF SACRED STONES JEWELLERY:\ud80c\udc80 Many customers tell me that they love their SACRED STONES jewellery so much that they never want to take it off, however I strongly advise that you remove all jewellery before showering/bathing, whilst sleeping, and before taking part in active pursuits. This will prolong the life of your jewellery. Some stones are particularly prone to water damage, others are affected by essential oils, perfumes and hand creams. I recommend keeping these away from any area where they will come into contact with SACRED STONES jewellery.I am constantly uploading more Alkhemi\u00aeCreations - a huge task! - so call back often. I love creating and working with the crystals and oils, and I'm more than happy to talk about the process. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me, and if you like my work, please "Favourite" my shop, "Alkhemi Bazaar" :)In love and gratitudeSa Sekhem SahuJacqui Taliesin El Masry\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80\ud80c\udc80, crystal healing

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