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loose, 16.8ct Genuine Marquise Wide Eyed White Sapphire



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Etsy has been having issue with Editing and the heading is incorrect. It is indeed a 16.8ct sapphireFor Sale, Sapphire only. Yes, it is over 16ct. Measures 16x18mmFor a Custom Order or sold as is.It is a Marquise Cut. And special name given for the chucky cut and making it look like a eye wide open.Very unique! And some crazy faceting around the edge.This is a special cut Genuine White Sapphire. Normal heat only.Color DClarity VVSFor centuries, man has been heating gemstones to make them clear and better colored. It is an accepted process and does not interfere with the normal daily wear and the color does fade in time. This process keeps the price down as a natural untreated gemstone may fetch thousands per carat.This beautiful eye clean Sapphire is just waiting for that perfecting setting either Ring or Pendant, to be set into.I can do this for you.I have an idea for a bezel setting in either 14k rose, yellow or white gold and made into a pendant at market price.Layaway is available for the Custom make of the Sapphire or to purchase it loose., loose

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