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With these healing stones you stay on the ground with both legs.You can connect better with Earth. Your power potential increases and you're more in balance.This set consists of a tiger eye (brown), jaspis (red) and an Onix (black).-Tiger's eye provides protection and grounding. The senses are sharpened and the concentration is increased.He is the ideal companion for important business deals and meetings.It is also helpful for bronchial problems.-Jaspis stimulates circulation and energy flow and promotes our drive. He strengthens ourRoot chakra.-Onyx is helpful in opening the foot chakras.It has a positive effect on nerves, eyes, ears, hair and fingernails and strengthens the immune system, gives inner peace and serenity.* * Customization Options * *This set can also be made with other gems.A leather strap can be attached on request.* * Production * *Created by Cosmic Hand* * Materials used * *Tiger's eye, jaspis, onyx, adhesive tulip* * Size/Size/Measure/Weight * *The pendants have a size of about 2x1-1.2 cm and a total weight of 6g.* Please note * stones can have different effects on the body and do not replace the doctor or naturopath!, gem

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