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Finist the Bright Falcon - Original Watercolor Painting - by Hemlock Hyde - Russian fairy talerussian fairy tale, orginal art



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A concise retelling of the Russian fairy tale "The Feather of Finist the Bright Falcon":A widower merchant returned from a journey with the finery his eldest daughters requested, but had forgotten about the scarlet flower that was all his sweet, youngest daughter wanted. This happened the same after his next journey as well. The third time he ventured out, he met an old man with a scarlet flower. He begged the old man to let him buy the flower for his daughter, who had been so patient. But the old man said "whoever has this flower also has the love of my son, Finist the Falcon." The merchant said, "very well, if she will have him."The youngest daughter was delighted and placed the flower on her windowsill. Finist was called to it in falcon form, and flew in and turned into a handsome prince. The two fell in love, and every night he would visit. The two eldest sisters heard voices each night and grew suspicious, so they placed glass and tar upon the windowsill. When Finist came that night he was cut and thought his love had spurned him. He cried out "Never shalt thou see me again unless though searches through three times nine countries, to the thirtieth Tsardom, and thou shalt first wear through three pairs of iron shoes, break in pieces three iron staves, and gnaw away three holy church-loaves of stone. Only then shalt thou find that lover, Finist the Falcon!"The heroine goes on the make the journey, wearing out the shoes and staves just as Finist had said, and meeting three kind Baba Yagas who each give her a magic gift: a silver spindle that sound a golden thread on its own, a golden hammer that hammers little golden nails on its own, and a magic golden saucer that spins a diamond ball. When she comes to the far kingdom, she finds Finist is to be wed to another in three days. She trades each of her magic gifts in turn for a chance to sit with Finist on each of the next three nights, but the false bride places a magic pin in Finist's hair so that he sleeps and doesn't hear his beloved. On the final night, the girl is so distraught that he won't wake, she shakes him and the pin comes loose, breaking the curse. Finist awakes and the two are happily reunited.* This listing is for my original watercolor illustration of the Russian fairy tale, "The Feather of Finist the Bright Falcon."* It was painted in November, 2018 using watercolor paint on high-quality watercolor art paper.* It arrives packaged in an acid-free, cellophane sleeve with a chipboard backing and is mailed in a stiff, cardboard mailer.Shipping:I'm still working out the best options for combined shipping. Orders of multiple prints/cards will received a discounted combined shipping rate! Currently, Etsy isn't automatically doing this in the calculated shipping, but I will combine your items and refund your shipping overage. If you have any questions about what combined shipping might be, just ask!Local Pick-up:If you are local to me (Vienna, WV), and would like to arrange to pick-up your items, just send me a convo letting me know what you would like to purchase and I will create a reserve listing(s) for you with free shipping. Or, if you prefer, add a message to your order at time of purchase and I will refund your shipping charges. Either way, I'm happy to arrange for local pick-ups!Types of Prints:I have a shop section designated for giclée prints, but all of my prints are printed to the giclée standards of using archival, pigment-based inks on a professional-quality inkjet printer using acid-free, fine art paper. I have recently been able to upgrade to a better, archival quality fine art paper, and prints from those most recent runs meet all the criteria for giclée prints and are designated as such., woman artist

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