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floral painting, Flowers Make Me Feel Good About Life Mixed Media 24" x 36" Large Original Floral Painting



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Kristena West M.A.FLOWERS MAKE ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT LIFE. BLOOMING FLOWERS AFFIRM LIFE, AND WHEN WE BRING THAT INTO OUR PRIVATE SPACE IT BRINGS IT'S OWN HEALTHY MEDICINE. WONDERFUL TO MUSE INTO AND MEDITATE ON. A JOYOUS WHIMSICAL CELEBRATION OF NATURE; EVERYTHING IS BLOOMING. POSITIVE AFFIRMATION OF LIFE, AND ALL THINGS SHALL BE WELL.Summer time painting is the perfect time to paint flowers as everything is blooming. I live in sunny southern California so for us, everyday is a summer day; something is always blooming. One cannot help but to smile at a joyous bunch of flowers standing willy-nilly in a large jug or vase. Bringing the outside in, our home or office takes on a brighter hue and we all need that kind of warm comforting energy don't we? This painting is calling for it's home, maybe it's you? Mixed media; acrylics, oil paints, pastel, oil pastel and charcoal. Sprayed with non-toxic fixative. anArtistsLife. © Kristena Westworld rights reserved all rights reserved artist's copyright and domain. Artist Kristena West M.A.KRISTENA WEST M.A. COMES WITH A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY SIGNED FRONT & BACK BY ARTISTWORKING IN PURE COLORS IN A PURELY ABSTRACT NON-REPRESENTATIONAL MANNER IS THE CONTEMPLATIVE ARTIST'S©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ARTIST'S COPYRIGHT & DOMAINArtist Kristena West M.A., original art

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