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3 Antique Silver Berber Tagmout Egg Pendant from Morocco with Enamelsilver, Berber Pendantssilver, Moroccan Jewelry



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3 antique silver berber enamelled egg bead from morocco smooth with wear, consistent with age and use. These beads were used in necklaces and fibula chains by Berber ladies, the egg of course symbolises fertility and new birth. The yellow and green enamel is made from venetian glass trade beads and is characteristically somewhat rough in execution.These tagmouts is very smooth, the yellow and green enamel is almost completely missing. Dimensions of the tagmouts :Tagmout in the right : 36 mm x 33 mmTagmout in the middle : 43 mm x 39 mmTagmout in the left : 36 mm x 33 mm Total Weight : 83 g, enamel

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