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Arm Party Memory Bracelets



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Ideal for small and medium wrists, the bracelets create an arm party all on their own.\u00a0 Each bracelet has approximately five loops of memory wire that create an easy to wear assortment of design.\u00a0 Wire is hand-beaded with a mix of wood, gemstone, metal, and glass beads and finished with a maroon tassel.\u00a0 No two bracelets are the same, but will be similar to images shown.\u00a0 Specific colors/materials can be added upon request (choose "custom" option and I will contact you for direction).\u00a0\u00a0____Guarantee- I'm new at jewelry making and I definitely want to ensure you come back for more. If you experience any issues with your jewelry, please message me with details and I will make it right. \u00a0

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