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Autumns Rich Pallet



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“Autumns Rich Palette” I is part of my “Autumn’s Glory” series. These 6” x 6” x 2 1/4” glass leaf dishes inspired by Fall in the Adirondacks. The glass is specially selected ring mottles, a glass pioneered by Tiffany and LaFarge for its ability to create realistic looking shadows, sunspots and organic life. As you hike in the Adirondacks at the peak of foliage season, you can’t help but wonder why trees are dropping leaves with glorious paints of red, orange and yellow. Such trees play their role in the overall beauty. I call them Autumn’s Rich Palette. Buy a single leaf or for a more festive statement, buy several. Each piece makes a delightful dish for nuts, candies or condiments. It is equally happy holding floating candles, jewelry, or just being admired for its beauty and its soul-whispers.For a true celebration of Nature’s Fall wonders, I have used several leaves, one for each dinner guest for rolls,butter, or other condiments.I have washed similar pieces in the dishwasher but recommend the loving care of hand-washing.

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