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Before Winters Frost



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“Before Winter's Frost” is part of my "Autumn’s Glory" series. It is a 16” x 10” x 1 /4 inch glass leaf platter inspired by Fall in the Adirondacks. The glass is a specially selected iridescent green with white wispy streaks throughout capturing the glow of leaves in the brilliant sunlight of an autumn day before being painted by the palette of winter’s frost.The piece is food-safe and makes a delightful hostess dish for hor'douvers, buffet side-dishes or dessert. Perhaps it will find a home on your's or a loved one's Thanksgiving table?* However, "Before Winter's Frost" is equally happy holding dried flowers, fresh fruit, floating candles or just being admired for its beauty and its soul-whispers.I have washed similar pieces in the dishwasher but recommend the loving care of hand-washing.The piece comes with a gift card telling its story and the artisan's statement, a gift box and my hope that it brings the keeper joy. joyce

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