Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Yep, that's how we roll, that's how we play, that's how we do. \r\rThis is an original acrylic painting that is part of an ongoing series. It all started with the original "found art" piece I made and loved and then left for someone to find and keep for themselves. Read more about it, and Found Art Tuesday, here: \r\r\rThe painting is created on a 5 inch square canvas, 3/4 inch deep. As a graphic designer my sense of aesthetic relies heavily on design. I also hold a place in my heart for lawn and prairie grasses. This series uses both of those elements to bring you striking artwork.\r\rDo you enjoy these pieces, but would like something more personalized? For the same price, I can create a custom piece similar to this made especially for you. Send me an Etsy message with what you would like the piece to say and I will create a listing reserved for you., text art

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