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beer tap, Beer tap Bottle opener ralley drum Bar used beer tap made into a bottle opener.



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Bar used beer tap made into a bottle opener Great lakes Rally drum, Cleveland Ohio Made. ReclaimedBottle opener and you can put it on your own kegThese are actual Great Lakes Brewery Taps. They were used at bar that serve GLBC beer. Great lakes changed their labels a few years ago. I was able to get a few to re purpose. They did not want them to end up in a land fill.So now you can use them in your home or office.No tap was harmed in making the rack. If you would like to put them on your keg at home you can.Since the taps are all bar used the one you will receive may not be the one pictured. Since they are all used in a bar the labels and taps may have small scratches or tears. I try to use the best ones i have for each order., bottle opener

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