Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Personalized Photo Charm Gold Chain Heart/ Round/Rectangle Necklace Nameplate Custom Necklace



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\ud83d\udd06Dress up your outfit with a fabulous charm necklace by Nessachy. There are so many different pre-made options to select from, however, there are also many ways to create your own customized pieces. For something extra special, Nesachy's photo charm necklaces and lockets allow you to add in photo memories that you will want to hold close to your heart. Wear necklaces with one or more charm depending on your fashion mood for the day. You could also gift a jewelry fan in your life with a variety of chains so that they have something to slip their charms onto when they don\u2019t want to wear them on bracelets.\u00a0\ud83d\udd06

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