Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Personalized Name Bracelets (Custom Name)



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\ud83d\udd06In search of a custom name bracelet, but hoping for a little something different? Our Name Bracelet with Clear Crystal Stone in Rose Gold/Gold/Silver plated is sure to please, thanks to lots of unique touches! This stunning piece is made with 18K rose gold/gold/silver-plating over sterling silver. This personalized bracelet is perfect for customizing with the wearer\u2019s name, last name, or nickname. It\u2019s also just right for celebrating a loved one or pet, and it\u2019s great for sharing a meaningful or inspiring word, too! However you design it, it\u2019s certain to be cherished. We invite you to view our collection for more\u00a0customized jewelry and ready-to-wear jewelry as well. \ud83d\udd06

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