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Braids for Hairdreds, Scarfdreds, Headbanddreds, Hatband made to order specify color range



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Yarn dreds, yarn braids for your hair, your hat, your neck.... Braids made from lovely unique yarn combinations - made by hand to order in color selections of your choosing.All the braids have multiple colors but you can select a focal color, for example, pinks, purples, blues, rainbow, neutrals.... etc. I've put up photos of the ones I currently have in stock. It will take an extra week for custom color choices.Braids have a range of lengths from 3.5 to 5 feet and are approx. 1 inch wide.Fiber content is mixed wool, cotton, silk, acrylic, handspun.These look absolutely fabulous woven into hair or you can clip them in or use rubber bands and use as extensions. The styling is all up to you!, colorful

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